About Us

The Meridian 74 Group LLC is an internationalization services startup based in the United States and Portugal that empowers businesses to go global by guiding their entry into foreign markets.


We specialize in matching our clients with export, expansion, manufacturing, and outsourcing opportunities and partners within our target markets.

M74 was founded by Philip Dubow, Adam Ninyo, Max Sterman, and Daniel Lewitz in July 2020. 

The 74th meridian west passes through New York City, the place where M74's four founders grew up together—hence our company's name.


Our Commitment to CSR


We strive to embed substantive corporate social responsibility (CSR) into our operations by: 

  • Only working with Clients, Partners, and Affiliates whose values and ethics fully align with our own. 

  • Giving back to our markets by promoting small businesses and community organizations, as well as local tradespeople and artisans.

  • Supporting fellow startups—especially ones with a social impact and those ran by underrepresented groups.

Philip Dubow

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Ninyo

Chief Operating Officer

Philip Dubow is a global trade and sustainable development professional. He has related experience in business administration, international relations, information technology, civil engineering, and intelligence analysis. Philip is also a researcher of China's Belt and Road Initiative. His findings on this topic have been presented to and published by a variety of organizations worldwide. Philip has lived in the United States, Greece, Israel, China, and Italy. Currently, he is based in Faro, Portugal (near the border with Spain).



United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

Tufts University

Adam Ninyo is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer. He has related experience in business administration, marketing, and advertising. As a media producer and distributor, Adam has created content for brands (ranging from fashion to music) throughout the United States. He has also led projects on behalf of national non-profits and grassroots organizations alike. Currently, Adam is based in Manhattan, New York. He has familial ties to Turkey.



Vassar College


Daniel Lewitz

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Lewitz is a software engineer, who specializes in advertising platforms. He also has a background in mathematics, and has conducted research on number theory and combinatorics. Daniel has lived in the United States and Hungary. Currently, he is based in Brooklyn, New York. 



Carleton College


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