Chief Executive Officer

Philip Dubow is a global trade and sustainable development professional. He has related experience in business administration, intelligence analysis, and civil engineering. Philip has backgrounds in forensic psychology and education across cultures as well. Previously, he was a project manager at a multinational software service for smart cities. Philip has also conducted research on China's Belt and Road Initiative, counter-terrorism, and maritime security. He has lived in the United States, Greece, Israel, China, and Italy. Currently, Philip is based in Madeira Island, Portugal.


United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

Tufts University

Financial Counselor
Max Sterman

Max Sterman is an analyst at a public service entity, who specializes in macroeconomics, econometrics, and financial markets. He also has backgrounds in mathematics and data science. Max's research interests include foreign exchanges, the consumer staples sector, and the oil industry. He has lived in the United States and Hungary. Currently, Max is based in Manhattan, New York.


Bowdoin College

Chief Operating Officer

Adam Ninyo is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer. He has related experience in business administration, marketing, and advertising. As a media producer and distributor, Adam has created content for both luxury and mass-market brands (ranging from fashion to beverage) throughout the United States. He has also led public relations projects on behalf of national non-profits and grassroots organizations alike. Adam's research interests include the internationalization of the film industry and China's Belt and Road Initiative. Currently, he is based in Manhattan, New York. Adam has familial ties to Turkey.


Vassar College

Chief Technology Officer
Daniel Lewitz

Daniel Lewitz is a software engineer, who specializes in advertising platforms. He also has a background in mathematics, and has conducted research on number theory and combinatorics. Daniel has lived in the United States and Hungary. Currently, he is based in Brooklyn, New York.


Carleton College