Our Consulting Packages are highly customizable, but generally include the following:


⬩ A personalized Scope of Work: a framework and timeline of deliverables and outcomes

⬩ Dedicated National Case Teams working on your behalf in each of your target markets

⬩ Exhaustive due diligence and compliance checks on all potential Partners

⬩ Seamless introductions to trusted potential Partners, plus full negotiation facilitation

⬩ Comprehensive logistics and customs coordination, includes liaising with Affiliates

⬩ Placement of your organization in trade fairs, shows, exhibitions, expositions, conferences, missions, and delegations within your target markets

⬩ Optional all-inclusive trips to seal the deal with your chosen Partners in-person

As a startup, we understand that we must earn your trust—which is why we don't charge our Consulting Clients a single dollar unless and until we achieve successful transactions between you and your chosen Partners!

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