National Case Teams

Each National Case Team consists of a:

  • Market Entry Strategist​

    • Provides case-specific market entry guidance, including risk assessments and competitor analyses.

  • Business Development Manager*

    • ​Finds, selects, and recruits the best-match Partners for the Client to choose from. This includes vetting potential Partners via due diligence (financial and operational) and compliance checks.

    • Brokers all meetings (introductions, presentations, negotiations, etc.) and correspondence (exchanges of information) between the Client and the shortlisted potential Partners, up to and including the contract-signing phase. 

    • Arranges an all-inclusive trip for the Client to seal the deal with its chosen Partner in-person, if both parties desire.**

    • Once a partnership is contractually established between the Client and its chosen Partner, facilitates the development of this bilateral relationship, in order to ensure its long-term success.

    • Organizes the placement of the Client in trade fairs, shows, exhibitions, expositions, conferences, missions, and delegations within its target market that are relevant to its industry or sector.**

  • Logistics Coordinator

    • Works with the Client to coordinate end-to-end shipments between the Client and its chosen Partner via trusted logistical Affiliates

    • Provides related customs support.

  • Communications Specialist​

    • ​Directs the Client’s branding, marketing, advertising, promotional, and public relations efforts, in furtherance of the Client’s market entry strategy.

*Tends to work independently in Essential Consulting Service Package cases.

**Unlikely to occur presently or in the near future, due to the pandemic and associated travel restrictions.



  • Distributors 

  • Wholesalers

  • Retailers and vendors: physical and online

  • Industrial end users

  • Factories (plus product designers, copackers, and warehouses)

  • Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies


  • Logistics companies: sea, air, rail, and road​

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