Specialist Contractor

M74 specializes in matching Clients with export, import, manufacturing, expansion, and outsourcing opportunities and Partners within our target markets.


Our Specialist Contractors, who are located in each of our target markets and beyond, play a critical role in this process by providing related A La Carte Services.


The role is a remote, fee-based, independent contractor position that offers both flexibility and opportunities for growth.


Remote. Within the United States, India, Spain, Nigeria, the Philippines, Portugal, or Guyana.


​Provides one or more of the following A La Carte Services:

  • Market Entry Guides

  • Communication Plans

  • Public Health Bulletins

  • Political Risk Briefings

  • Security Dossiers

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Handbooks

  • Public Procurement Surveys

  • Location Scouting Reports (for Media Production)

Click here for full descriptions of the above services.​


  • Possess a functional computer with reliable internet access

  • English fluency

  • 1+ year of relevant work experience


  • Extroverted and ambitious personality

  • Foreign language skills (particularly Spanish and Portuguese)

If you are unable to access the application form, you may e-mail your resume or CV to: