Conventional wisdom dictates that startups (especially new ones like ours) can't be selective about who they work with. We disagree.

Who we choose to do business with is ultimately a reflection of who we are as a company.

That is why, in addition to embedding substantive corporate social responsibility into everything we do, we only work with Clients, Partners and Affiliates whose values and ethics fully align with our own.

What this means is simple:

The entities we work with must respect human rights and the environment.

  • These entities must operate in full compliance with all applicable laws and industry standards. They must also strive to go above and beyond these basic requirements by providing the best possible conditions and compensation to their employees, as well as ensuring that their impacts on the environment are positive.

The entities we work with must put forward a product, commodity, or service that either benefits society or causes no harm via its creation or use.

  • For example, we will not work with entities that sell weapons, toxic substances, or live animals. We will also not work with entities whose generation of goods entails or results in deforestation, the displacement of communities, or elevated levels of pollution.

Within every Consulting, Partnership, and Affiliate Agreement, we include the following clause of Good Standing:

"The [Client/Partner/Affiliate] affirms that it is a corporation or legal entity that is duly-organized, validly-existing, and in good standing under the laws of its jurisdiction. 

The [Client/Partner/Affiliate] further affirms that it fully complies with all laws applicable to its operations, as well as all international (namely, United States and European Union) standards and norms applicable to its industries or sectors, and that it strives in good faith to go above and beyond these requirements, in accordance with M74's Values & Ethics

M74 may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if it believes that the [Client/Partner/Affiliate] is in violation of this provision."